Thursday, July 03, 2008

Riding in the Rain

After much deliberation this morning, in the comfort of my bed, Listening to the rain outside, I summoned some energy to ride to work in it. It is still pretty warm out for this area so I slid into a pair of short and a rain coat and off I went. As soon as I got rolling I was a happy camper. The cool rain felt soothing against my legs. The smell of all the wet foliage was overwhelming. I think that is what heaven smells like, the northwest in the summertime. Once again, same old story, never disappointed by my choice to bike to work.

Last night we plugged away at our house a bit more, each little task we get done gets us one step closer. It feels good to get things accomplished. I have this deep yearning to be able to come home and just enjoy our house. I am about as far from this feeling as I can get. Well, like I said, everything gets us closer but I really just want to come home and enjoy all our hard work. That is enough of that kind of mind set. We have done some great work and our projects that are in the cooker are going to be just as great. We have learned a lot and things are tending to get a bit smoother. I really want to put a bigger deck on the house. That would just be wonderful. I also want chickens really bad. We have a shack in the front yard that could be easily converted into a coop. I would also really like to landscape the yards. Again, not that big of deal but would provide great payoff.

Yesterday we had the first thunderstorm of the summer. How fantastic. The weather yesterday was warm and it started to become overcast later in the day. Then there was a breeze and the pressure was changing. When storms like these come it is a great time to be outside. There seems to be an energy in the air, must be the electricity. I woke up in the middle of the night to a thunderstorm. Much needed rain.

We are still up in the air about our plans for the 4th. The weather is questionable, so climbing is not a sure thing and there aren't any big to-do's that I have heard of. We both have been checking tickets to Dallas, hoping we could catch a flight pretty cheap for the weekend. They are still a bit too spendy. We will probably go climbing which will be fun. I am excited to go climbing with John!

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