Monday, July 28, 2008

Top of the week to you!

Here we are, another week in front of us. Shaping up to be a fine one at that.
Corrie just left, gracing us for just the weekend. She flew in with her friend Lawson on Friday. John and I drove to Anacortes and picked her up that night and had dinner with Lawson's parents.
The rest of the weekend went pretty smoothly, doing some fun things that I tend to overlook doing here in Bellingham. Saturday morning we went to breakfast at the Daisy Cafe. I am pretty sure they have the best breakfast in town. Their menu is very creative with this wonderful local twist. Got to love it! Then we strolled around the farmer's market. That was a treat. I love the place but never seem to go unless I have company in town. I saw about dozen people I knew, even a high school chemistry teacher that remembered my name! I looked at hundreds of plants, finding the perfect lavender bush to bring home. I found my new favorite local artist, Sarah Bolerjack, she does intaglio prints. Her work was amazing. (Corrie bought a print!) It was great to see all the local farmers out with beautiful vegetables and flowers. Later that afternoon, Rafe took us sailing on his boat. It was my first time on his boat, what a treat! It was a blast! I made sandwiches and munchies, washing them down with a few margaritas. What an adventure! We topped off the day with a trip to the Pepper Sisters. It has been a long time since we had been there last, as always though, I loved the place!
Sunday we got up early, John and I had a lot of energy from two pretty inactive days. We drug Corrie up to Sehome with the crew (Bryan, Brandon, and Rafe). We ended up bouldering all morning. It was a blast! Corrie was a trooper, she hiked around with us, taking pictures and enjoying being in the woods. That group of guys is all star. As always they made her feel welcome. It is no scene by any stretch of the imagination. Climbing that day was incredible. I sent two problems that I had been working on from the ground and got on a couple newer ones that a re a bit harder. It is sure coming together! After climbing we came home and crashed and I got ready to have a BBQ in which Rafe and my parents would come over and spend the evening. We fired up the grill, cooking corn on the cob, chicken sausages and buffalo burgers. Mom had gone to Boxx Berry Farm and brought us a 1/2 flat of raspberries. Yummy! everything was great!
As fast as Corrie came, she left. It was fun having her here, short and sweet.

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