Monday, July 14, 2008

Well here we are again, Monday morning. Five days to go. I have been seriously considering the benefits of a four day work week. Utah seems to be getting on board with this program. There is just so many things to do and not do (rest), five days is a bit much, I can't imagine how some families do it. don't think that I have it that bad.

Our garden is looking great! The basil from Dad is doing wonderful in the heat. I planted some collards, chard and kale. This will turn out to be quite the patch of greens. I have also planted a fig tree. It had some fairly large figs on it, I think that the deer also enjoy these sweet little fruits.

We went to the long awaited Chuckanut Brewery that just opened here in Bellingham. The beer was good, the food was so-so. I will go back, when they are a bit more established. It is great to have more options in town. When we left, there front bike parking area had about 15 bikes strewn every where. They are going to fit in just fine.

We spent Sunday in Squamish with Brandon. It was a really nice mellow day. We toured the Smoke Bluffs, Making sure that Brandon enjoyed his time out climbing. He seems to have the bug and is going to get back into climbing. We ran into some people from Bellingham up there, Sam (now a resident of the Squamish campground), Brie, and Steve M. We ended the day perfectly with a dip at Murin Park! Welcome summertime!

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