Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wednesday Wanderings...

Here are some pictures that Brenna took over the weekend on Angles Crest!

The start of the Aracnaphobe Towers. A great 5.5 slab traverse with the most incredible exposure.

Here is me at the belay on top of the towers. What a great perch!

Rapping down off of the towers.

Looking up at the last couple of pitches of the route. Stellar!

Fondue for breakfast... Yes that is right chocolate dipped goodness for breakfast! Awe... life is sweet to me... Reminds me of a bumper sticker that I once saw "Forget love, I would rater fall in chocolate."

I am so impressed by the amount of people out biking these days. It seems as if people are coming out in hoards. Well, that might be an exaggeration but there are a considerable amount of people out pedaling around and it seems like they are people making commuting trips (panniers, milk crate storage...). I think that the more bikers are on the road, the less dangerous it will become. Drivers will eventually get used to seeing pedestrians sharing the road. John has started to commute as well. I am so stoked that our household bikes to work more that we drive. I would imagine that on a day where we both bike we save about 30+ miles from being driven. That is great to be a part of.

We went to Sehome and bouldered last night. What a blast... We warmed up on the "Dr. Google Eyes" traverse. I feel like I am one more session away from dialing down the starting move then I just need to get the courage to do the finishing move. I am getting more and more comfortable with it each time. We then high-tailed it to the "Three Brains" area. This was new to all of us. There are three boulders sitting right next to each other. V3, V5, & V7. John and Bryan were climbing really strong and hiked the two easier problems. I am working on the V3, I think I will piece it together next go. Exciting! I love it! Tonight I want to go soak up some sun at the beach, then rest, then get out for the three day weekend. Squamish????

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