Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just Breathe

Last night we hiked up Sehome and went bouldering. Armed with long sleeves and pants, bug juice and citronella incense to fight off the mosquitoes. It was a great time. I felt strong and flexible. I felt like problems up there are doable these days. There is nothing like some practice to inspire confidence. I want to try and take advantage of the time that I have these days and start to push myself, discover what I know lies in the depths of me, discover some potential. I am going to try and get back up to Sehome tonight and play around. I enjoyed the Turtle and need to work on the start of two other problems. Climbing seems to be such a personal journey these days, a reflection of my soul in some ways. Some days are good, some days are utterly unproductive, some days just happen. The key to it all: JUST BREATHE.

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